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Posted on November 24, 2017


Project Desciption

We wish to rework our current website – www.rebelwisdom.co.uk – into more of a media, content hosting platform – while retaining many of the other pages and content, eg: events, about us, etc. Mostly we are producing video but also blog posts, etc.

We want someone to find a theme that is similar to the requirements we have – and then to alter it to fit.

We need to update our site needs to do 2 things: 

A media platform hosting film, blogs and podcasts
A place for people to read about and book our workshops 
Workshop ‘posts’ should look the same as blog posts – images down the right side side, text on the left
Need to be able to embed a booking form into these (not bespoke, just using an existing API – ideally Eventbrite) 

Landing page

This should have the feel of a media platform – lots of content, in particular film. Hero image at the top, then a grid of content below (previews that open to their own pages when you click through) – see sketch.

The landing page should be dynamic – i.e it’s constantly populating with content we’re posting. So it should have the feeling of a magazine / media hub, with a hint to personal growth and spirituality. 

Between the main landing image / film and the posts beneath that, we need a small space for copy that tells people where they are, what we’re about etc. Just two lines of lorem ipsum for now, but incorporate this into the design. 

The current tabs and content can remain, but need some improvement. Specifically:

Look and feel

The current format with everything in narrow vertical rectangles isn’t ideal. Let’s widen it out – fine to have a banner on one side with the twitter feed and newsletter signup etc – but get ride of that format and use the rest of the space more effectively.

Shouldn’t look too busy –nice simple, slick design. See our logo for reference. Not overly colourful, but not grim either. 

A slick, simple design that nods a bit to our triangular logo. 

See the rough sketch attached below – and we like this as a visual reference:

I really like this whole site as a visual reference. So the sketch I sent, with the brief, and this as a style guide. Our workshop descriptions, posted films and articles can all be in this kind of format. Also like the general minimalism – e.g the boxes on the home page have a nice gap between them, it’s all nicely spaced and looks open and fresh. Nice contrast to other workshop / spiritual / therapeutic websites which are busy and overly colourful.

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